Ruskin's Dehra Walk

We rediscover the fabled Dehra of Ruskin Bond. Of Rusty's time with Bibiji and glimpse into the once idyllic, sleepy town of Dehradun when canals and gossips flowed in equal amounts!

Khalanga Walk

A walk that recreates the Anglo-Gurkha War ,whose results  had it been the other way. We would be telling a very different story today!

Kipling Trail

We walk the legendary trail walked by Rudyard Kipling himself! A trail as old as Mussorie for it was the only way to get there. We find ourselves lost in a time of memsahibs and dandies and spectacular views of the Doon Valley.

Dehra Dun Food Walk

The way to a person's heart is through food and Dehra's food surely beats in the heart of every Doonite. From Kumar Sweets to Katlambas we savour it all in our food walk. Make sure to come empty stomach for this one!

FRI Walk

It's no wonder that the Forest Research Institute (FRI) is called the pride of Dehradun , for it's the Taj Mahal of brick architecture. A one of it's  kind building, a living museum, FRI surely makes for a mesmerising walk!

Maldevta Walk

Maldevta a paradise in it's own right paved the way for what we know today as the Ganga Canal system. We discover hidden gems and spot cute looking birds too.

Rispana Valley Walk

Rispana, Dehra's very own river still fights to thrive. We not only witness the mightiness of this river but also the ancient Kela Ghat temples, that are a marvel in themselves.

Ancient India Walk

We travel to Kalsi-Jagatgram, home of the Ashokan rock edict,the majestic Yamuna Valley and also the site of an ancient Ashwamedha yagya. All set against backdrop of endless fields and beautiful orchards.

Churches Walk

We walk to experience the Christmas cheer at the churches of Dehra.

Dalanwala Heritage Walk

We walk through the beautiful locality of Dalanwala and delve deep into its rich history!

Surkanda by Sunrise Walk

We drive from the valley of Dehradun to the Surkanda peak situated at about 3 hours away. The peak is home to Goddess Surkanda and offers a mesmerizing view of several Himalayan peaks.

Dehradun to Devalsari

Devalsari is a pristine Deodar forest situated at a distance of 78 kms from Dehradun. It is known for its community managed initiatives like the Devalsari Ecotourism Research Centre. Home to several short hikes and treks....

Gidara Bhangeli Trail

Close to Uttarkashi is the pristine settlement of Bhangeli, a village where local residents welcome you to their vernacular home stays. It is from Bhangeli that one begins the trek to Gidara Bugyal, said to be the highest meadow of Asia.